• CHERALYN  parent of former students

    Our number one joy from our sons attending here from preschool through early elementary was knowing their school was an extension of our "team" in raising the boys to know & love the Lord. We still remember them coming home from class one day excited to ask us if they could be baptized, and thrilling us when we realized they knew exactly what they were asking for and why! Our boys blossomed academically and it was an especially important growing experience for our oldest in terms of social development. We are absolutely thrilled about the three years they flourished at the school.  

  • At Hesed, a number of students who previously attended GracePointe have participated in our Elementary School and Middle Academy Programs. Consistently, students who have come from GracePointe have been students of high moral character. It is apparent that the GracePointe students were taught in a nurturing environment by caring adults. Here at Hesed, we are always pleased to get a student from GracePointe.