Our School Building is progressing very quickly.  The electrician is working on getting all of the electrical connections completed.  The rooms have amazing lighting and the ceiling tiles will be going in soon.  We are also awaiting our cabinets to come in for installation. Then the flooring will go in.  Soon we will be able to utilize our new classrooms!  We are so excited for what God has been doing in our church and for our school.

October 2023 - update

Our school is progressing very well.  We have all of the classrooms with the wall boards up and ready for painting.  We have the ceiling tiles in place and just waiting for installation.  The floors will be gong in soon.  It is all moving fast.  We cannot wait to have GracePointe Academy here at 2555 W Valencia Road.

School is in progress

The school rough in is almost finished.  So excited with the things that God is doing!!!!!!

6-6-2023 concrete is in!!!!!!

This is so exciting.  The concrete was poured last weekend and the finishing touches are going in so that soon we can start with the walls and the roof.  God is so amazing!!!

Construction has started!!!

The construction on the new building started on April 24, 2023.  This is going to be such an exciting process.

Week 2 of construction